Version History

JobPro Version 7.5

Key features in this release include… much faster remote access, cloud hosting options, JobPro2Go Offline remote app, accounts integration, incoming SMS, shipping integration with UPS, FedEx and USPS, and multi currency purchasing.

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JobPro Version 7.0

The release of JobPro 7.0 was a major upgrade. JobPro has been built from the ground up and makes use of the new features in FileMaker Pro v12 as well as making it more compatible for use on an iPad and iPhone using FileMaker Go. New features include a number of new financial and inventory/product related modules as well as new resource planning functionality to allow you to better plan the use of people, assets and rooms/locations. Other areas like communications, document management, time logging, pricing for products/services, alerts/reminders and expense tracking have had major new features and improvements added. And this is just some of what is included.

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JobPro version 6.0 (Released February 23rd, 2009 for FileMaker Pro 10 and FileMaker Pro 11)

The release of JobPro 6.0 brings with it some fundamental new features including a completely re-designed user interface and numerous navigation improvements to make managing your business simpler than ever before.

New dynamic Gantt charts and calendar screens allow users to easily manage workflow and resource planning.

Windows can be resized to make use of larger monitors. Users can now specify what details they want to view on the Home screen when they log in.

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JobPro version 5.0 (Released October 1st, 2007 for FileMaker Pro 9)

VOICE CALLS: JobPro can now make voice calls using VOIP systems like Skype and Asterisk. Users can click a phone number anywhere in the system to make a call. JobPro can be customized to integrate with your existing VOIP system if needed. Besides obvious advantages like productivity and call logging, this feature can be a big cost saver compared to standard land line call charges. The feature includes the ability to create call logs where users can have the log appear on screen while making the call so notes can be entered while on the phone.

SMS MESSAGES: JobPro can now send SMS messages directly using systems like Skype and ClickATell. Users can click a phone number anywhere in the system to create an SMS message. A log of the message will also be stored.

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JobPro Version 4.4 (Released July 17th, 2006 for FileMaker Pro 8.5)

There are a number of new features in this versions including the following:

JobPro is compatible with the recently released FileMaker Pro 8.5 and will run natively on Intel based Macs as well as Windows. The ability to link documents to tasks (and launch them) has been added to the Tasks module.

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JobPro Version 4.3 (Released September 5th, 2005 for FileMaker Pro 8)

New Gantt chart functionality for jobs, stages and tasks. Users can now get Gantt chart monthly views for jobs, stages and tasks. The user interface throughout JobPro has been increased in size to allow more details on each screen.

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JobPro Version 4.2 (Released May 10th, 2005 for FileMaker Pro 7)

A new ‘Price List’ feature allows users to create custom price lists in the Products/Services module. For example, create price lists specific to customers or types of products. User can also pull up and print specific price lists which automatically include the relevant products/services for those price lists without the user having to manually find the records.

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JobPro Version 4.1 (Released February 1st, 2005 for FileMaker Pro 7)

New pricing functionality added so users can specify ‘sell price breaks’ based on quantities for products and services and in three different categories – A, B and C. Customers can then be assigned to a category as well as have a discount percentage applied to their account so that their discount will be applied automatically to products or services they purchase. Also, specific pricing can be set for each customer individually. Price lists can now include price breaks if required.

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JobPro Version 4.0 (Released July 20th, 2004 for FileMaker Pro 7)

In relation to the new sales commission features added in version 3.0 now it is possible to specify whether the commission is to be based on the sale amount or the profit amount. This can be changed at a transaction level.New option in the MailFax module to ‘Use own letterhead’ for letters and faxes. There is a default setting for this in Setup and users can change this specific to each letter or fax. The MailFax Wizard function now allows user to tick ‘Use Own Letterhead’ on the wizard screen.

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JobPro Version 3.0 (Co-release with 4.0. July 20th, 2004 for FileMaker Pro 6)

There are new ‘Commission’ features available in the Sales Invoices and Sales Orders modules including detailed and summary reports. A default commission rate can be entered for each employee and then automatically applied to their orders and invoices if relevant.A document linking/launching feature is now available in the Contacts module in addition to the Jobs/Projects, Quotations and Sales Orders modules.

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