Quotations / Estimates

JobPro Central has the ability to create a quotations, estimates and proposals from the customer, contact or enquiry modules. You can even produce a quotation from within an existing job. Quotes can be emailed or printed directly from the system. There are customisations to this module available on request, such as automatically following up a quotation with an SMS message to your prospect or customer.


  • Products can have multiple suppliers and multiple locations.
  • Track stock quantities by identity (an identity can be set as a company, branch, department , office or Store within JobPro Central) and/or location.
  • Line items can be entered from the product library or simply freely typed in to the quote line.
  • Assign products to customizable categories and sub categories.
  • Quote records can be duplicated(version tracking), amended or turned into a job, sales order, sales invoice or purchase order.
  • Users can create quotation requests to suppliers directly from quotation line items.
  • Jobs can be created from a quotation and if relevant the assembly or ‘bill of materials’ details for products to be assembled can be auto generated on the job where assembly sheets can be printed.
  • Complete budgets can be generated when converting a quotation into a job to allow for complete control of costs when managing the job/project. Budgets are generated under custom categories that the user can define.
  • Users can also link related documents to quotations.
  • Track commission for every quote approved based on the sale or profit amount or just on an entered value.
  • Pricing specific to each customer is applied during quote generation.
  • Quotations / estimates can be printed or emailed (as a PDF) in any currency and in multiple languages.
  • There are various reporting and customisation options available.