JobPro Version 4.2

New Features

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  • A new ‘Identity’ feature has been added to the system. In the setup area you can now have more than one identity/company (logo, company name, address, etc.).

  • This is a ‘multi company’ feature but it does not lock out data for one identity over another. All identities share the same data so reports can be based on one identity or all identities if required. A default identity can be applied to employees, customers, suppliers, contacts and products/services.

  • The main advantage of this feature is that it allows you to use different identities on the various transactions and documents throughout the system.

  • This new option allows you to send and receive messages with other JobPro users and groups on your network.

  • A new ‘Price List’ feature allows users to create custom price lists in the Products/Services module.

  • For example, create price lists specific to customers or types of products.

  • User can also pull up and print specific price lists which automatically include the relevant products/services for those price lists without the user having to manually find the records.

  • A new section ‘Suppliers for this product/service’ allows users to link various suppliers to products and services where one will be allocated as the ‘default’ supplier.

  • The default supplier gets automatically used on purchase orders created for specific products or services.

  • Timesheet users can now get warnings when time on a job has exceeded a specific time and also when ‘Uncharged’ time has exceeded a specific time. This feature is very useful for keeping track of time on jobs and when invoices need to be issued for ongoing jobs.

  • The TimeLog (timesheet) entry screen is now more conveniently located on the Calendar screen so that users can toggle between Jobs, Stages, Tasks, TimeLog and Messages. There are also various small improvements to the TimeLog entry screen.

  • New option in the Quotation and Sales Order modules to include or exclude a sign off section for the customer.

  • A new feature has been added to print the found set of records in various modules including Quotations, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Shipping/Dispatches and Sales Invoices.

  • A ‘Calendar’ button has been added to all data entry screens and lists in each module as this is something users will regularly use throughout the day.

    • Improvements to sales reporting.

    • Improvements to entering notes in Jobs.

    • Users can now change page/print setup when previewing a document.