JobPro Version 4.0

New Features

JobPro Central is now compatible with FileMaker Pro 7. That is the main new feature between versions 3.0 and 4.0. A version is available for FileMaker Pro 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 as well.

  • User password on the login screen is now bulleted out so it is not readable to another user.

  • In relation to the new sales commission features added in version 3.0 now it is possible to specify whether the commission is to be based on the sale amount or the profit amount. This can be changed at a transaction level.

  • New option in the MailFax module to ‘Use own letterhead’ for letters and faxes. There is a default setting for this in Setup and users can change this specific to each letter or fax. The MailFax Wizard function now allows user to tick ‘Use Own Letterhead’ on the wizard screen.

  • The ‘Cost price’ is now displayed in the line items section of a quotation data entry screen. This allows the user to enter or tweak cost prices if they were different to the default cost prices for those products/services. This was important because creating a job (including the budget details) from a quotation uses the cost values for the products/services from that quotation.