Sage Online Integration

JobPro’s integration with Sage Online Accounting is a simple and effective way to synchronize your customer and supplier accounts, customer and supplier invoices, customer receipts and supplier payments between the two systems.

Why integrate Sage with JobPro

  • Completely removes the need to enter information twice.
  • Enables your accounting department to work with up to date information.
  • Improves timeliness of reporting.
  • Helps ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Improves efficiency and throughout in your business.

How Sage Online works with JobPro

By integrating Sage Online with JobPro through FileMaker you will have the ability to do the following:

  • Push customers and supplier details over to Sage Online.

  • Push sales invoices over to Sage Online.

  • Push credit notes to Sage Online.

  • Push supplier invoices over to Sage Online.

  • Receive customer receipts back from Sage Online and allocates to same sales invoice in JobPro as per Sage Online.

  • Receive supplier payments back from Sage Online and puts payment against corresponding supplier invoice in JobPro.

All syncing is done via our sync panel in JobPro where items can be approved before initiating the sync.

The feature set above can be further customised to your specifications.

Sage Online pricing

Sage Online does not come as part of the standard JobPro package. It is an add-on feature to JobPro.

The cost of Sage Online integration with JobPro is EUR 960.

Contact us for more information regarding pricing.

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