Jobs / Projects

The Jobs/Projects module gives you full control over job, project planning and implementation. The Jobs/Projects module allows you to control budgeting, time tracking, workflow (via stages and tasks), direct job costs, stock control, credit control, sales orders, shipping, assembly management and document management and communications.

Jobs/Projects features

  • Create a job directly from a customer record or from a quotation.
  • Schedule resources against the job directly or as part of a task under the job. A resource can be a person, an asset (internal or customer asset) or a location.
  • Set default rates by hour/day for resources and auto calculate quantities to invoice with ability to auto round up or down.
  • Book in and track maintenance on internal or customer assets.
  • Creating an invoice for a job’s related costs can now be based on or include resource item charges like a rental or usage charge of an item on a job or task.
  • Users can display the usage and availability of people, assets and locations/rooms by day, week or month on the calendar when planning jobs.
  • Ability to link as many contacts (not just employees) to jobs and tasks.
  • Dynamic Gantt functionality to allow users to drag and move jobs/projects between dates.
  • Manage jobs via stages and tasks.
  • Set labour budgets by employee type and compare to actuals from entered time logs.
  • Setup budgets by custom category.
  • Direct costs against jobs via purchase orders.
  • Allocate direct product costs from stock and ad hoc costs incurred on jobs.
  • Track in and out bound shipping at job level.
  • Communication portal on job allows tracking of outbound correspondence (letters, faxes, emails, SMS and notes).
  • Create sales orders under a job to allow for partial invoicing and / or shipping.
  • Create a job directly from a quotation for assembled items and carry out assembly from within the job.
  • Log documents directly under the job such as technical specifications, drawings etc.
  • Group related jobs together.