System Workflow

JobPro Central user interface design enables simple navigation throughout the system. A key feature of our system is its ability to allow us to design and customize the system workflow to make it exactly right for your own business needs. We offer a free consultation service to help you scope out any workflows you need via a live demo. You can also make contact with us via Email and describe your requirements.

Workflow features

  • See all aspects of your relationship with a customer or supplier from the company / contact module including contacts, addresses, sales pipeline etc. This enables you initiate any workflow from this central location in the system.
  • See specific pricing information relevant to the customer.
  • See any serialised items that customer has purchased from you in the past and take it back into stock for performing a service or maintenance purposes.
  • See relevant quotes or sales orders, documents on file relevant to the company and any communications through email, letter, fax, sms or notes that have been logged against the customer.
  • It is possible to go in to any of these areas to view more detail or to carry out further tasks in relation to any aspect of your relationship with that customer or supplier.