JobPro Version 4.1

New Features

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  • Sales statement and aged analysis functionality has been added to the Sales Invoice module.

  • Users can also specify to include aged analysis details on invoices for customers who have outstanding invoices.

  • There are also new reporting options for aged analysis and statements as well.

  • New pricing functionality added so users can specify ‘sell price breaks’ based on quantities for products and services and in three different categories – A, B and C.

  • Customers can then be assigned to a category as well as have a discount percentage applied to their account so that their discount will be applied automatically to products or services they purchase.

  • Also, specific pricing can be set for each customer individually. Price lists can now include price breaks if required.

  • On the Calendar screen users can now toggle between jobs, stages and tasks, not just view tasks.

  • This allows a user to quickly look at what’s on for the day or week for jobs, stages and tasks.

  • Users with the required access privilege can look at other users calendar for jobs, stages and tasks.

  • New ‘Estimate Request’ feature added to the Quotations module.

  • Users can now create estimate requests to suppliers/vendors for items on a quotation and also generate a purchase order automatically from an estimate request.

  • New import utility created so users can import data into the Prospects and Contacts modules..

  • New option to create a shipping/dispatch record from a purchase order.

  • New option to ‘Use own letterhead’ for quotations, estimate requests, sales orders, purchase orders, sales invoices, dispatches, letters and faxes.

  • Improved functionality in relation to tasks and stages for jobs. A new list screen has been created to display/print jobs and their ‘next stage’.

  • New option added to allow user to include the quotation details on a job brief in the Jobs module.

  • Improved functionality in the Prospects/Enquiries module. A new ‘Profile’ section has been added with an option to print a list of prospects/enquiries including their profile details.

  • New user interface/design for the Home/Main Menu screen.

  • Improvements to document linking on servers.

  • Contacts/individuals can now be marked as ‘Old’ so they get moved to the bottom of a list of employees for a company

  • When selecting contacts, companies, prospects or products/services in the filter screen for various functionality in the system users can now toggle between active and non active records to make it easier to select the desired record.

  • Tasks can now be set to ‘Not started’ instead of defaulting to ‘In progress’.

  • Improved navigation between jobs and related quotations.