JobPro Version 7.5

JobPro version 7.5 is compatible with the latest versions of FileMaker Pro.

New Features

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JobPro now has a separate user interface file and data file. The user interface is what the user sees.

This means faster remote access for users on a WAN (wide area network) where they can have the UI file on their computer/device and only the Data file is being opened across the web.

For more details see our: Remote Access Options.

With the data in JobPro now separate from the user interface, JobPro is much more suited to hosting on the cloud using a hosting company.

For more details see our : Cloud Hosting Page.

JobPro2Go gives offline remote users the ability to log time, costs/expenses/parts, notes and documents (inc. photos and signatures) against jobs on an iPhone or iPad.

For more details see our: JobPro2Go Mobile App.

Integration with various accounts packages including QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB.

All accounts integration packages are separate add-ons to JobPro.

For more details see our: Accounting Integration page.

In addition to outgoing SMS, JobPro now has the ability to receive incoming SMS message

JobPro can now directly interact with your shipping carrier accounts such as UPS, FedEx and USPS.

Shipping integration packages are separate add-ons to JobPro.

For more details see our: Shipping page.

We have added multi currency to the Products and Purchase Order modules.

There is now the ability to specify the default cost price in a foreign currency in the Products module.

A default currency can also be applied to each supplier.

Other New Features

The following list details other new features by version number as they were added to JobPro.

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  • Added ‘Connection encryption’ option to Setup:Communications under the SMTP settings and updated any functionality that send SMTP emails to take into account if it should use encryption or not.

  • Task / time reports. Added 2 new report options to the Timelog module:

    • By customer by task

    • By customer by task by employee

  • Added an extra option in Setup:Timelogs to allow user turn on/off visual (conditional formatting) warnings on the timelog portal in the QuickView and Calendar. This now separates the conditional formatting warnings from the warning dialog boxes given to users.

  • Updated Purchase Invoices and Payments functionality in the Purchase Orders module.

  • Ability to input payment amounts on the Supplier Invoices tab in Purchase Orders.

  • Added ability to flag a record in Products as a ‘Non shipping item’ so that on Sales Orders certain items are not relevant to shipping. This is ideal for line items that relate to areas like shipping or labor for example and should not show up as outstanding from a shipping point of view.

  • Added a Documents tab and functionality into the Purchase Orders module. Integrates with the existing Documents module.

  • Added feature that when a user emails an external document like a quote, RFQ, sales order, purchase order, sales invoice or shipping that if the pref in Setup is to create emails in the Communications module in JobPro that it goes and does that also adding a document record with the relevant PDF in it attaching it to the email record.

  • Added report ‘Report by Country Summary’ in Sales Invoices.

  • In the Comms module on the Email, Letter and Fax screens a user can now see what record created that communication and they can navigate to that record. This function was already on the Message, SMS, Note and Phone screens.

  • Added a full (return) screen for the ‘Other Details’ portals in Companies, Contacts, Products and Locations.

  • The Budgets functionality in Jobs and related areas of the system has been overhauled. The functionality is much clearer now with a full separation of costs versus sell prices/deductions. Billable resources (rented items) are now also deducted from budgets.

  • There is also now the ability for the user to specify if the actual to deduct from the customers budget should be based on the sell prices/charge out rates assigned to the various cost areas or to apply a markup to the costs incurred relating to budgets for a customer’s job.

  • Also added ability for user to specify whether to deduct a budget from all related costs or just those flagged as billable.

  • Created a new timelog report by job|stage|task and by job|task.

  • The Stages table is now a full module with data entry, list and options screens. This gives users much more flexibility searching and reporting on job stages. The Stages module icon can be removed from the top module menu but still leaving stages accessible from the Stages tab in Jobs or from the Tasks module when you can view a stage that a task is linked to.

  • Access privileges have been introduced for Stages to control user viewing, creating, deleting, etc. The Document Management functionality has also been added to the Stages module. There is also a new QuickView (dashboard) portal on the Home screen for Stages.

  • All QuickView portals on the Home screen now have, where relevant, a link to go to the related job, stage, etc. within the portal. This improves navigation around the system.

  • New option to email a statement to a customer from the Companies, Contacts, Jobs and Sales Accounts modules. If preference in Setup is to send emails from JobPro then a new email record is created with a new document record for the attached PDF statement.

  • In the new Stages module there is a new Expenses tab added.

  • In the new Stages module there is a new Timelogs tab added. Also added a new Timelog tab to Tasks. New access privileges in Setup control what users can access these new tabs as they contain financial information.

  • Timelogs can now be linked directly to stages instead of just jobs or tasks. The Timelog QuickView screen on the Home screen now has the ability to click on a stage to create a timelog. The TimeLog tab in Jobs now shows if a timelog is linked to either a task or a stage with a link to go to the task or stage. In the TimeLog tab in the Calendar and on the Timelog QuickView screen on the Home screen you can now see if a timelog is linked to a stage with the ability to click on the stage to view the stage. The Stages tab in the Jobs module now displays the time related totals.

  • The time budget figure in Stages can either be manually entered or it can total from the budget for the related tasks linked to the stage.

  • Preference added to Setup:Jobs ‘Reduce budget time from billable time only’.

  • New preference added to Setup:Timelogs to specify if the time log user should get warnings about stage budgets.

  • Added ability on the ‘Select task’ screen to be able to filter out by stage linked to a job. So now it’s much easier to pick a task by filtering on a job number and a stage to narrow down the list.

  • The Stages tab in the Jobs module now displays ‘Budget | Actual | Balance’ columns for each stage with totals down the bottom.

  • Added a ‘Budget time report’ to the Stages module.

  • On the Timelog QuickView screen there is now the ability to create a timelog by clicking on a stage.

  • Added a Documents tab and functionality to the Shipping module and integrated into the main Documents module. This is useful for attaching documents related to shipping.

  • Added ability in Quotes to include the default image linked to each product on the printed/emailed quote. New preference in Setup so each new quote defaults to the normal preference but user can change the preference at the quote level as well.

  • Printing labels, users can now specify how many blanks they would like to include before the first label prints. This is ideal for using up label sheets that have already been partly used.

  • Deliver/Due Date now appears on the printed/emailed sales order if one is entered for the sales order.

  • Added ability in Products to include any products on the stocktake sheet that do not currently have quantities in stock. Previously just items that were in stock appeared on the stocktake sheet. Now user has the option to choose either method.

  • New report by Due Date (expected shipping date) in Sales Orders displays for any given date range a list of sales order line items with the quantities required etc. Summarizes by product code/quantity as well per day so the report can be used as a picking list.

  • Added filtering options to the TimeLog QuickView (Home) screen so users can filter jobs, filter stages by specific jobs and also filter tasks by jobs and stages to make it even easier to create time logs by clicking on a relevant job, stage and task.