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To whom it may concern, JobPro has allowed Absolute Maintenance Services to launch our Maintenance and Repair business in the comfort and knowledge that our service had the support of a well-designed and reliable software programme allowing us to trace each job from an inquiry to the invoice. The programme is user friendly, flexible and backed up by a helpful team at JobPro. We have no hesitation in recommending JobPro.
Ray Doherty, Director, Absolute Maintenance Services Ltd. Cork, Ireland
As a new College we had many different sources of data stored in different formats, and had many different requirements from a database to suit our ongoing needs. College Central (JobPro) fits the bill for us as a solution to our database management needs for membership, events and e-commerce.
Miriam Silke, Chief Executive, College of Psychiatry of Ireland
Back in 2005 the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland’s business was supported by a number of different software applications; MS Word, Excel and Access, and FileMaker Pro. Data was spread across these applications relating to Membership, Examinations, Training, Events, Hospital Inspections, Financial Transactions and more. The data sets often had a lot of common elements or fields, but none of these systems talked to each other, and it was extremely difficult to keep even simple data such as address or phone number in a coherent manner – the data frequently lost consistency by being altered in one system but not another, leading to uncertainty about which set was accurate. Furthermore, many of these systems were used only in a very passive way as simple data containers and did not lend themselves to strategic management or reports and queries beyond the most basic, or to utilising such features as bulk email or text and web interactivity.

The College therefore sought an integrated software solution to remedy this situation, where all data would be held in one system thus allowing flexible management and complex searches and reports. We settled on a large software supplier which used a proprietary market leading enterprise level database as the base for its systems. This turned out to be a bad and expensive mistake. Three years later we still had not commissioned the system and our judgement was that it could never suit our needs – it was inflexible, difficult to use, difficult to develop, and we had problems due to a succession of account managers who did not seem able to translate what we were telling them into correct guidance for their software engineers. In the end we walked away poorer but wiser, and still without a solution.

We finally settled on Softouch Technologies to provide our system, now known as College Central, and this has been a revelation. For a start, their work is very good value – our new system has been delivered on schedule at a fraction of the cost of other competing software houses. Secondly, they are a small, nimble company who are very quick on the uptake in understanding requirements and translating these into software, probably because the people you talk to are the people who design the software – there are no middle managers. They are very contactable and interactive on the phone or by email – there never seems to be a time of day or night when they don’t respond almost immediately. Third – their system works, and is easy to use and quite intuitive! Fourth, their system is very flexible from a development point of view – small alterations are frequently achieved live during a phone call; larger developments within a short timescale. Even major functional modules seem to be able to be tacked on to the main system with a minimum of fuss. No doubt some of these positive attributes are down to flexible and intuitive nature of FileMaker Pro, on which the system is based, but there is no doubt that a lot of credit must go also to the individuals in the company who are so expert at translating this into customer-satisfying software.

We have had no regrets in our relationship with Softouch, and the worth of their system has not gone unnoticed – the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland has now adopted it also, to our mutual benefit.

Ian Surgeon PhD, FFARCSI, Postgraduate Dean, College of Anaesthetist of Ireland
We installed JobPro Central in early 2007. It is a superb management tool with all the information available in an integrated format. It has superb CRM facilities where we can easily track customer activities from enquiry right through to completion of work. Work schedules are easily organised through the Jobs database and our tracking and planning of work has
dramatically improved. We can also manage our stock from PO to dispatch to jobs and analyse our margins job by job.

Prior to installing JobPro we were attempting to do all this in an adhoc manner. The big advantage of this ERP for small business is that it integrates all activities and information and is easily accessed. Some customisation may be needed as users become more familiar with the package and its functions and capabilities. But this should not put off anyone as the team at Softouch are excellent. If anyone wishes to confirm this testimonial you may do so by contacting Michael Hogan @ Genertec Ireland.

Michael Hogan, Genertec Ireland
JobPro has changed the way that we work on a day to day basis. It has made our company become more focused on costs on projects. We are able to see where the budgets are in relation to projects at the touch of a button. It has helped us provide a better service to our clients because we are able to track all correspondence whether its phone calls, E-mail or faxes on one package. I would recommend that any company that has a need for this type of software package avail of the free trial. We used the free trial and therefore when we purchased the package we were already familiar with it.
Alan Kavanagh, Darjac Technical Services Ltd., Nass, Co Kildare, Ireland
Job Pro has been a massive benefit to our business. As a Marketing and Advertising agency it is imperative that we manage time and production costs carefully. JobPro has given us the tools to do this in a very effective way and has focused our attention on areas of the business that effect our bottom line. In addition to the excellent software the support from the developers has been second to none. From our initial meeting they understood our business and its needs and have delivered on everything we asked of them.
Mark Curran, Direct Marketing Associates, Dublin, Ireland
I have no hesitation in recommending JobPro as an extremely user-friendly and time-saving software management system. We have been able to design the system to our exact specifications. This enabled a rapid transition from chaotic paper administration to very smooth running of a complicated multi-disciplinary clinic appointment system, and also facilitates simple and speedy audit and analysis of our service. After sale support has been excellent. It is hard to imagine how we managed before!
Jean O'Connell, Diabetes Day Centre, St Columcille's Hospital, Loughlinstown, Co Dublin.
We are a Fine Art Company and have been using JobPro for some time now. Previous to using JobPro we used a programme, which had been continually upgraded as the business expanded. It became cumbersome and time inefficient. As we have multi users we required a user friendly system – JobPro fitted the criteria beautifully. An excellent way to keep on top of all data, ie, billing, client contacts, quotations, dispatch stock levels and daily management of our business. We have found the product support to be of an excellent standard and I would highly recommend this software to any company seeking a data management programme.
Constance Scarrott, Philip Gray Fine Art, Cork, Ireland
JobPro has helped our small organisation to tie the lose ends of running a business. It is ideal for our job tracking and stock management. The JobPro team have been great with customer service and technical support queries, making it very easy to use the software to its full potential.
Andrea Splendori, Dryzone Ltd, Dublin, Ireland
It is a pleasure to provide feedback on a software package such as JobPro. As an accountant, I had very specific document flow and costing requirements. JobPro was recommended as the most complete and flexible system for a Design business of our size. My decision to move to JobPro was very much enhanced by the Provider of the package. I felt very comfortable that I would get the after sale service.

I can confirm that my decision was the correct one. I have all the information I need at my fingertips and can assess and make whatever business decision I need. All enquiries to JobPro Central have been answered in a very timely and efficient manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending JobPro to any potential user.

Frank McCarthy, Huguenot XMI, Dublin & Cork, Ireland
I am an Orthodontist with no background in IT training, and have been designing & using my own FileMaker databases for almost 15 years. I have found it to be an excellent, inexpensive, robust, powerful and, yet, simple solution for many aspects of my practice management.

JobPro, written in FilMaker, has now opened even more possibilities for me. It is also excellent, inexpensive, robust, powerful and eliminates, for me, the need to write the more complicated scripting required to bring specific areas of my practice management system to the next level. Hardware requirements are light, it is truly cross-platform and is easily used on a Mac/Windows network. In addition, from my viewpoint, it can easily be integrated into existing Filemaker databases.

Finally the staff at JobPro Central are efficient, easy to deal with and very, very knowledgeable.

Dr. Owen Crotty, Orthodontist, Cork, Ireland
After spending a long time looking for a software management system for a small sized business I found JobPro. An easy to use and understand system, it is great for project and job tracking, client contacts, quotations, and so much more – all at the touch of a button. It has helped to increase the company’s production process within a short period. Don’t take my word for it – download a trial version and see for yourself?
James Kelly, 121 Creative Design, Ireland
Before coming across JobPro I was a loyal and committed Goldmine user. JobPro is a very Friendly and easy to use program with lots of useful applications. Unlike Goldmine, I do work for 15 different people in a company and had to have 15 different records with all the same addresses and info. If the info changed, all the records had to be changed. In JobPro it is ONE RECORD with your 15 people in it. It is extremely easy to keep track of all Company jobs and orders going through my company. Writing letters, faxes and emails is real easy with its own built in system, you just hit “L” for letter and type away, the letter fax or email is stored in that record so that you have all the info on that company straight away. If you wrote a letter in Goldmine it had to go and find/link into Word and often that link became corrupt. You never have this problem with JobPro. I have easy pre done Templates for writing quotes etc. It is real easy to design your own templates for letters , faxes and emails. Keeping track of ordering materials from your suppliers is also very easy. It also has an extremely easy invoicing system. JobPro has been a great addition to my company and support is very easy to talk to and extremely efficient if you need anything done with JobPro. I have had some customisations to suit my business and anything I have asked for has been done overnight. The sort of customisations I needed were Delivery/Postal sheets so I could go into a client record and see that it was delivered by courier and also to get a sheet for that weeks deliveries that the courier did. Job sheets were also made to suit my business.

This is a great program and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it to any business.

Peter Barrow, European Photo Services, Dublin, Ireland