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United Kingdom

We are a Company producing bespoke Steel Fabrications working in all sectors of Industry and were looking for an effective management software to replace several old systems which had become out of date and tired.

After finding JobPro Central, running the demo version and speaking to the Team, we were confident in that  JobPro Central would quickly become a vital and integral part of our Business. With great Module functionality and mobile applications, It has enabled us to centralise our information from all departments allowing us to manage Jobs and Quotations more efficiently.

JobPro Central is an off the shelf product but has the big advantage over other software packages on the market in that it can be customised and tailored to suit the needs of any Business.

The Team at JobPro Central are extremely helpful in providing assistance and solutions to suit our requirements and implementing changes at a fast turnaround.

We would definitely recommend JobPro Central to any Company wishing to improve their Business Processes.

Keith Henderson, Henderson Engineering (North East) Ltd. United Kingdom
We are a plumbing and heating company operating in Hampshire, UK. I have been looking for a system to “do everything” and JobPro is it. The system will become an essential tool in providing us with a complete management system for our business. Great tool with great support.
Dave Alford, Alford Plumbing & Heating, Southampton, UK
As a newly formed creative agency in 2009, O’Connell & Squelch Ltd. required a business management software package that would grow with our company. Purchasing JobPro Central was one of the best business decisions we have made. Easy to learn, extremely intuitive, it has all the functions we need to track and manage our projects. JobPro Central was easy to install and we were up and running from day one. We would recommend without reservation.
Brian O'Connell, Director, O'Connell & Squelch Ltd, Merseyside, United Kingdom
After extensive research to find a suitable Program to help us with the workflow of our growing printing business, JobPro proved to be the best and most cost effective solution. Our business has continued to grow and JobPro has continued to “grow along with us” providing exactly the tool we need to run all aspects of a busy digital print company efficiently and effectively.
Katie Scott, The Imaging Centre, Kent, United Kingdom
Fabbrica d’Italia Ltd is a company, based in the UK, manufacturing luxury fashion garments in Italy. FileMaker has been our choice of database systems for some years as we found it simple to create small purpose built solutions. With JobPro Central we’re able to use the carefully designed relational database to replace all our individual solutions with one fully integrated system. JobPro Central is a pre-designed business management system that may be tailored to the specific requirements of the company either by the user with a license or by JobPro Central support. We would definitely recommend anyone searching for a business management database to try the trial version of JobPro Central.
Steven Rich, Fabbrica d'Italia Ltd, London, United Kingdom
As a small technology company working both with our own products and as a design house for others we needed a system to get control over all aspects of our business and to assist us in our quest for ISO9001. JobPro demo convinced us to talk to the team about customisation to meet our unique requirements. That is when the real power of the package was revealed. The team are quick to respond and service is absolutely first rate. Now we have what we want and are secure in the knowledge that the backup is top quality. A real gem.
Nick Ground, Managing Director, GKD Europe Ltd, Dorset, United Kingdom
After a first year of business that saw rapid growth, we found that we had duplication and gaps in our information. We were searching calendars, contacts and word processing documents to find our information which was taking hours of valuable time. When we found JobPro, it was clear that this would cut our workload, streamline our information and help us to keep track of customers. The extra work we asked for in tailoring the package to our specific needs has been one of the best business decisions we have made.
Chris Quigley, Chris Quigley Education Ltd, Gateshead, United Kingdom
As a specialist lift and escalator consultancy practice we struggled to get anything to provide the overall flexibility and usability which JobPro Central has provided us. We had absolutely no issues getting up and running, with the guys at JobPro being hugely helpful and clearly understanding their product in depth. We run some very specialist software, but this product beats all of them in terms of improvements in productivity and staff satisfaction. I have had a couple of queries whilst using JobPro Central, and without delay I had responses with information enabling me to do some fairly complicated multi-field searches on invoices, which has kept my Financial Director very happy indeed.

I have been using the system from version 6, and had no hesitation upgrading to version 7 for the new features and new GUI, and again the guys at JobPro made this a very simple and seamless task, with no data loss or other issues. The ability to provide a proposal, automatically create a job from it, and raise an invoice directly from it is time saving at its best, and must save me 5 hours per week for this element alone.

I would unreservedly recommend JobPro Central to anyone, and have already recommended it to many acquaintances who were extremely impressed. It really is likely to be the most cost effective and efficient business decision for any SME, and for us it has been nothing short of a revelation.

Many thanks to all at JobPro Central.

Ray Davies MIET, Managing Director, de Graaff & Partners Limited - Kent, United Kingdom
Our company provides high quality designer furniture to interior designers, hotels and restaurants. The business itself is not complex, however it requires an extremely high level of attention to detail and the ability to track and follow orders at every stage as they progresses through the job life cycle. We looked at a significant number of alternative systems including open source ERP offerings and mid level proprietary software packages. Whilst these had the functionality we were looking for, the combination of complexity and / or cost made them unworkable. JobPro offered exactly the right blend of functionality, ease of use and cost that we were looking for.

The staff at JobPro have been incredibly helpful and provided rapid solutions for modifications to suit the way we work. They are able to turn around requests in a very short space of time. We now have a powerful job tracking system that enables us to manage far more work than we previously could, and with fewer employees. The package is now delivering a significant return on investment.

Patrick Humphrey, Robert Langford Ltd, Cambridge, United Kingdom
We are a digital print business and needed an application to help with production control. A web search turned up ‘Job Pro Central’ and we downloaded the free demo. We were delighted to find that this satisfied all our requirements, keeping track of customers, jobs in hand, quotations and even invoicing. We had no hesitation in buying JobPro and have been using it very successfully. We couldn’t do without it now!
David Cole, Digital Colour Services, Devon, United Kingdom
I looked at various software packages in the run-up to selecting JobPro. The attraction of JobPro was that its flexibility was going to allow us to run the business in the way we wanted, rather than having to stick rigidly to the way a software designer decided we should do things, as with other off the shelf packages. I was particularly interested in the fact that JobPro could handle all sorts of different jobs so, as we grow into other product areas, we are not restricted by our software. The ability to write more specific modules for us in the future is very attractive, as is the fact that adding new users is as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Having the system as either Mac and/or PC based, means that everyone in the organisation can use the same system, without the need to invest in PCs for the Mac-based design people – a considerable saving in itself.

An initial enquiry by email was met with a phone call from the company within the hour. They answered all my queries, and showed me that there were all sorts of ways in which JobPro could handle job processing for us. I felt that with that level of response (which crucially, has not stopped since purchase) I would be confident making the investment, and I am glad that I did.

I have no hesitation in recommending the system, try the demo version – you won’t look back!

Simon Nutbrown, Cornflower Limited, United Kingdom
JobPro’s approach to SoftDesign Services needs was flexible, professional and very hands on. They ensured that SoftDesign’s requirements were delivered and were fit for purpose, whilst within the costs. JobPro has already transformed the way we work giving SoftDesign the end to end picture of the business it needs to be successful. Management can access the detail they need by running the built in reports or by using the search options available. The simple but effective layouts have made it easy for the operator to use with the minimal disruption to delivery. As the use of JobPro expands within SoftDesign I see it as the pivotal management system to allow for continued success of the company.
Dermott Lydon, SoftDesign Services Ltd, London
JobPro Central has helped Mediatwelve grow by reducing the vast amount of time it had taken previously to keep contact details, estimates, manage jobs, and invoices etc, and use that time instead to help market our company and streamline our working practices. Not only will it save you HUGE amounts of time on a daily basis but it doesn’t take much time to learn how to use it either, and if you do get stuck at any point just email them and you’ll have your answer in minutes. I recommend this to all businesses small or large.
Steven Tomkins, Managing Director, Mediatwelve Graphic Design, United Kingdom
JobPro Central has become an integral part of our business. It controls and manages our business information and transactions perfectly with nearly all information cross linked to its many useful modules. It is very easy to use and did not require any training, by the end of the first day we were productive. The support has been excellent both by email and phone. I would highly recommend JobPro Central to any small or large business that requires efficient control of its day to day business information.
Neal Jones, Redstart/Design, United Kingdom
We are a production and design house offering b2b services to the exhibition and display trade producing artwork designs, large format digital and signage. After previously having a basic database written specifically the company, we quickly found that the service and support we had from our supplier was not what we were looking for. Any amendments and changes took far too long, and the data base slowed to a crawl. It was then I started looking for a new system which encompassed the existing features of the database with a whole host of new ones, I trialed off the shelf products and a number which could be customised to our needs.

The only product I found to answer all of our questions without spending tens of thousands of pounds was JobPro Central. From the outset installing the database was simple and the help and support I received just based on the prospect of us purchasing the licenses was second to none. When we decided to purchase the licenses, this was done efficiently and the changes we asked for were implemented straight away.

Jobpro Central has enabled us to centralise all our information and manage jobs more efficiently and productively, from telephone calls to purchasing, job management to production, it is a product that will grow with our company and help our company to grow.

Ian Hatfield, Director, g4b Ltd, United Kingdom
Chameleon previously had a FileMaker-based Business Management System that we built to suit our needs about three years ago. Recently, it had been starting to let us down and was really showing its age. In short, it was not keeping up with the development of our own business.

I looked at a number of solutions for taking this side of business forward and, after evaluating the trial version of JobPro, was very confident it would meet our needs. It has been clearer with each passing day of use that JobPro must be the product of extensive ongoing development. It is rapidly becoming an invaluable tool at the heart of our business and, every time we have needed assistance, nothing has ever been too much trouble.

JobPro is not just a great product, it is backed up by a great company.

Darren Isaac ACiM MCIM, MD, Chameleon Design & Marketing, United Kingdom
Having looked at various Mac solutions we decided we needed multi-discipline Office Management Software to handle:

1) Stock Management
2) Contact databases
3) Sales Quotations
4) Invoicing
5) Dispatches

After downloading the demo version and discussing our needs with the developers, we decided to purchase a modified package.

Since then we’ve never looked back – JobPro integrates every part of our manufacturing/sales process, making us more time efficient right across the board.

I would not hesitate to recommend JobPro to any business for its ease of use, functionality, back up service – Especially at the price.

Dave Grattan, Director/CEO, Vidiwave, UK
It took us a long time to find the right management information software for our business. The size of our company and the budget for the project ruled out the opportunity to develop our own bespoke system. When we came across JobPro Central it seemed like the ideal solution, giving us a system that not only could be customised to our working patterns, but also delivers to a level way beyond our expectations.

To us, JobPro Central is the hub of all our management information. We needed a solid platform to ensure that our long term information collateral is not compromised. We love the way JobPro Central uses the power that FileMaker Pro offers and it seems to have limitless development opportunities. We have no doubt it will return its investment very quickly indeed. I could not recommend JobPro Central highly enough. Whether sole trader or employing many people, it will organise and revolutionise the way you do business and keep you ahead of the game.

Karl Barker, Director, Cube 3 Media, United Kingdom
Having looked around at all the available off-the-peg systems on the market, we decided that JobPro had the best feature set, integration and user interface available. It was also built in Filemaker Pro, which we were using at the time and knew to be extremely flexible where adaptations might be required. It’s also completely cross-platform, which meant no issues when we need to add the odd PC into our predominantly Mac network.

The JobPro team are quick and efficient to deal with and have programmed many additional features and tweaks that have made our version of JobPro more specific to our industry and given us some dedicated functionality. We see this as an ongoing process for us, but then with quite a complex business model, this would be the case with any generic system. The difference being, that many other systems on the market are not that as well integrated to start with, or as adaptable when it comes to making changes.

At the end of the day JobPro is still working out much more cost-effective than any bespoke system we could have commissioned, and with some features that we may never have thought of from the outset. Needless to say, we continue to promote it’s use to anyone looking for a robust, well designed job-based system at a sensible price.

Jim Griffiths, TM Designs Ltd, United Kingdom