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Australia & New Zealand

After managing our business for 4 years with our existing system it was getting old and unsupported and only run in Windows. I came across JobPro through a customer of ours and downloaded the demo version thinking what have I got to lose – let’s try it. Thinking I was wasting my time, I was so impressed with JobPro I ended up buying it straight away. It runs on Windows and Mac, iPad, iPhone, giving us the flexibility of what operating system we choose to use. The things that where missing in JobPro for us got easily customised. The customisation was quick and ready within hours or the next day depending on its complexity. The developers have been great – always a phone call away to discuss any changes to our customisation. I highly recommend JobPro as a product and the team at JobPro have been fantastic.
Srecko Vukadinovic, VKTEK, Melbourne, Australia
You seem to have addressed my issues in the new version. JPC is fantastic. I really enjoy working with it. I really appreciate your service too – I have taken a long time to consider JPC as my job system and it is reassuring to know that support is exceptional.
Craig Radcliffe, Squirrell Gripp Design, Campbelltown, SA, Australia.
Your program looks fantastic and does so much. It’s the best looking interface we have ever seen and we have been looking for a month and boy we have seen some shockers. Everything looks so easy to use!
Rob Gray, Helium Balloons, New Zealand
We are an industrial abseiling company providing a diverse range of services. JobPro has provided an extremely efficient way to improve the way we operate our business. The connectivity within the program is fantastic and it has certainly helped to improve efficiency and communication within our company. It is very simple and intuitive to use and we have integrated it with our accounting software MYOB which keeps our accounting continuously updated, saving time. Most of all, David and his team have been extremely helpful with assisting us to learn the ropes of the system. They always respond quickly and provide fantastic customer service and post-purchase support.
Mark Singh, Printwarehouse, Sydney, NSW, Australia
We own and run a very busy building design company in Darwin, Australia. We cover design and documentation for a variety of jobs including residential extensions, new builds, commercial and industrial. We are also the Design Review Team for two large suburbs in Darwin whereby we have to check every house plan and every house that is built in that suburb to ensure it is constructed according to a set of guidelines. We knew we needed a database to help manage and track this process, as it could quickly become unmanageable if we didn’t keep on top of it.

We found out about JobPro via Google, and liked the user interface and David told us he could customise our database to suit our unique needs. I don’t know what we would do without JobPro. It allows us to do all of our checklists, create reviews to send to clients directly from those checklists, manage and track all correspondence and even links to our Gmail accounts, so any emails sent out from the database are also in our sent folders from our email accounts.

David and Ken have worked hard to continually update our database when and if required. They are very efficient and friendly, and always get back to me quickly when we need an urgent change to a particular section of the database. JobPro is awesome!

Katie Schneider, DPL Developments PTY Ltd, Darwin, Australia
Having started a new security company, following many years with one of the big boys, I knew that data management was a critical part of running a successful business. JobPro has given us a flying start with an overall package that blows away the cumbersome and dated system my previous employer uses. JobPro seamlessly allows us to take a prospect through the quotation process to becoming a customer. Then it flows through to managing the job thoroughly and finally to sending them an invoice. We also use it to scan and link documents like signed contracts, system designs and service dockets. We would be lost with out it now and are very happy to recommend it to any business looking to provide excellent service.
Glenn Wilson, Security Perth, Western Australia
We were setting up a new company and already had considerable experience with FileMaker Pro connecting our 5 offices nationally in Australia. We wanted to use FileMaker for the flexibility of being able to design specific databases but did not have the expertise or time to develop a
more sophisticated application to handle all the wider sales, accounting and communication functions.

We looked at various products on the market but selected JobPro because it is such a logical and easy to understand system and training our staff was an important issue. Since installing JobPro we could not have been happier with the results. It is an amazing product that has lots of depth that is not immediately apparent when you first start to use it. Many times we were searching for a particular function and found that it was already in the product or that we could easily adapt our expectations to meet what was already there. We have been able to customise modules with the built in functions and also been able to link our specific database functions to

The support has been incredible and very patient! Where we were unable or unwilling to modify JobPro to fit our processes it was a simple matter to talk it through, e-mail the specific modules and have the modifications done by the next business day all for a reasonable price we could budget around. As our own expertise grows with JobPro we are able to undertake more sophisticated modifications ourselves.

I can highly recommend this product to all types of businesses, whether you have FileMaker expertise or not. It provides functionality and flexibility far beyond its purchase price and the developers have been great to deal with.

David Parkes, Water & Energy Savers Pty Ltd, Victoria, Australia
We were referred to JobPro by our Apple dealer to set up a customised database incorporating a project management system. The company skilfully extracted from us our business processes and linked them into a logical format – allowing us and our staff to have accurate information about our projects at all times.
Peter Davidson, Managing Director, Designate Interior Design, Sydney, Australia
I just had to let you know how pleased we are with JobPro Central. Its “bloody great”. We really looked around and JobPro was the cleanest looking interface we could find – now we can say the good looks are because it all functions so well under the hood. Our business is a complex combination of parts that we design / buy / and assemble into our products, so we face lots of issues storing technical drawings, managing manufacturing, stock and sales. JobPro has put the control in my hands and gives me time to dream up new things to make – Thanks so much!
Matthew von Sturmer, Design Director, Zealous Architectural Hardware Ltd, New Zealand
Bellette spent years looking for job management software that would suit both the amount and variety of work that pours in through the doors of our advertising agency. Being located in the middle of the Australian desert means that we can be asked to undertake anything from a state wide multiple media advertising campaign for government, to a website in Nevada USA, to designing and constructing premier signage sculptures for the local council!

We needed something that could cope with multiple users, endless job parameters, changing deadlines, and a variety of services both internal and external, culminating in accurate invoicing for timely cashflow!

JobPro did it for us, we’ve customised it and it keeps getting better and better in terms of knowing exactly who is meant to be doing what, where we at with each job, and how long we have to go before completion.

It only took us a day recently to get a new staff member up and fully trained and operating, we’ve cut back on administration hours, and as owners of the business we can go away for holidays and the place still runs!!

Kate Merry, Production Manager, Bellette Advertising, Alice Springs, Australia
Over the years we have purchased various databases to handle our growing Macintosh service business, even employing a programmer to write the ‘perfect’ database which was to be ‘Mac like’, friendly and extremely functional. We finally gave up when we became an Authorised Apple reseller as we soon released that we needed something ‘perfect – PLUS’. After trying the JobPro Central demo we realised that we had struck gold. This is an easy to use, extremely functional database that keeps on surprising us with feature after feature. As for service, I have received phone calls from the developers in Ireland to check to see how the program was going and if we needed any changes etc. Outstanding service. I love this program – excellent.
Brian Nelson, Manager, Mac Rescue, Apple Solutions Reseller, Adelaide, Australia
We are already seeing huge benefits from the program. Our company specialises in manufacturing a wide range of commercial furniture and employ 35 staff. We were looking at a software package, which could handle everything from quotations to dispatches.

After downloading the demo and discussing JobPro with the developers, we decided to purchase the package. One of the main reasons for going with JobPro was the outstanding customer service that they provided. With the developers being in Ireland and myself in New Zealand, there were many occasions when I would email them at 7.30am NZ time and they would reply a few minutes later, which would have been 7.30pm for them. They would also never hesitate to phone me direct if necessary. That in my mind is great customer service.

As for the software, it has integrated every part of our manufacturing process therefore making us more efficient by accurately being able to cost, track stock/orders, job progression, dispatches and more.

I would not hesitate to recommend JobPro to any business for its ease of use, functionality, back up service and price.

Nick Suurenbroek, Operations Manager, Optim Group Ltd, New Zealand.