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USA & Canada

I absolutely love your software. I love the interface and I love the idea of being able to customize it and the mobile app. I have dabbled in Filemaker Pro databases and designing our own….but love your template and structure.
Kara Haas, REMMCO, Inc. PA, United States
Job Pro has allowed us to expand while still keeping control of costs and processes. The ability to modify the system and use mobile devices to share and update data has been a big plus. Support has been extremely impressive with quick and detailed response times to every query. It’s cross platform compatibility and the responsive support team has made the implementation of Job Pro across our enterprise a smooth transition.
David Stewart, David Stewart, TCM Offshore LLC, Houston, Texas, USA
Kudos to the JobPro Central team! After extensive research into different database solutions, I chose JobPro as my database preference. My initial contact with David O’Donnell was informative and I was convinced that David and his team could provide the solution I needed. Having used another custom Filemaker solution for years, I felt the need to move to another level where we could implement online surveys, job tracking, SMS messaging to our clients and employees, shipment integration with FedEx and more. David promised these solutions for my company and I haven’t been disappointed.

I have had the privilege of working with David, Sharon, and Mark. Each developer brings to the table their own set of skills. David is always available when I have a general question and quickly answers with an email or phone call. Sharon has been my main contact to make custom changes to the JobPro shell and I am very satisfied with the progress. I like her willingness to work “under my microscopic” and although we are 5,000 miles apart, I often think she is in the next office due to her friendly attitude and responsivness. Mark created the online surveys for my company and completed numerous calendar changes as well. You can tell that Mark is an expert in his field as he offered sound advice how to best solve the problem at hand.

We still have many changes to implement but I’m confident that the progress will be swift and I will have everything I need in JobPro. I highly recommend JobPro and I look forward to a longstanding relationship with the entire team at JobPro Central.

Jim Kelm, Studio 1, Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA
Currently we are transitioning from the old ways of doing paper work which is in a few different areas, by using JobPro all our required paper works are in one place, which keeps everything organized. It’s quite a well thought out system which eliminates a lot re-entering and keeps everyone in the loop with everything that is going on. We’re still trying to figure out a few more things and still learning new things from the system. All in all, I’m quite satisfied with JobPro.
Tai Bui, Angel Glass - Vancouver Canada
I am a FileMaker developer and in my opinion JobPro is the best off the shelf database program available. I would estimate to have this program built from scratch as a developer like myself would do, would cost in the neighbourhood of 38,000$ Canadian.
Some of the features it has are just not found prebuilt anywhere else…such as choice of 8 languages to work in; Gantt charts; The most detailed time log in and out of any job to the minute in precision (I use it every day all day for my staff and myself. The many reports on the hours worked by staff are everything one would want); I estimate about 100 different reports available of every sort and accessible in an easy to find and print way and a lot more. I will leave the reader to investigate the product to know more. I use JobPro every day. It is really something. It is so complete that I think almost any business could purchase it in the evening and have it on the network the next morning in use by staff. One other thing is the extensive training videos. Last time I counted there were 40 videos covering every aspect of the program. This is an in-depth program ready to put in use.

Your product is extraordinary for comprehensiveness. Maybe this is the best pre-packaged product I have seen in my 15 years programming FileMaker.

As a FileMaker programmer myself I fully recommend this product. Thank you.

Howard Haimovitch, President, Efficiency Analysts Group (EAG) Inc., Chelsea, Quebec, Canada
Congratulations for a fantastic looking, state of the art FileMaker application! I sincerely hope you will win lots of awards for it. JobPro Central has been around for many years, and it just gets better and better. I’m recommending JobPro to all of my clients without the slightest hesitation.
Michael Huber, Rheinport Media Inc. (Certified FM Developer, FM Business Alliance Member), New York, USA
After years of searching for the perfect organizing software, I have found JobPro Central! I am impressed with the range of features and how quickly I’ve seen positive results in my workflow. As a successful business woman of a small graphic design firm, I know my time is better spent on billable hours rather than making to-do lists, billing, and searching through my rolodex. Kudos to JobPro for knowing just what a creative person needs to step up to the next level. JobPro is the tool that builds a focused, easy-to-use management system that is keeping me on track with my jobs, clients and billing. Well worth the price!
Vicki Moser , CopperMoon Design. Portland, Oregon USA
Starting a new job is hard. Starting a new job in a field that you have never worked before is even harder. JobPro was one of the easiest applications that I learned in a short period of time. I read and interacted with the tutorial. Then within a matter of minutes I was creating new accounts and closing out old ones. I have had only one problem since I started. I sent the help center an e-mail and the next morning I was on the phone with Stuart Grimes. He took me step by step on how to fix it. I would recommend JobPro to most businesses! Thank you again for your ease of use and prompt help when needed.
Crystal Outlaw, Design Workshop, Inc. - North Carolina USA
When software takes a corporation to the next level, the credit starts with the developer. Your fine work and ease of use has helped streamline our business operation. Thanks to JobPro, our customer service and overall efficiency is much improved. We have recommended JobPro to others because of our satisfaction with your product. Thank you for your excellent service
Michel Gelinas, Cooling Source, Inc. California USA
We reviewed a number of FileMaker based products on the market and determined JobPro was by far the best when it came to providing all the features we needed and intuitive ease of use. JobPro’s ability to create folders on the fly for document storage makes our document filing incredibly easy. By using the Google calendar function our managers can see across all employees and monitor progress on their assigned tasks. Having the tasks automatically update to the calendar makes our planning and scheduling much more efficient. JobPro allows us to organize all facets of our business with one piece of elegantly designed software.
Aaron Sones, EIMSI, Los Angeles, California, USA
In 2011, Johnson & Associates was a new, virtual, Intellectual Property law firm. Prosecuting patents and trademarks requires a very strong calendar and docket system to keep track of all the various dates. The docket and calendar of due dates are enormous due to worldwide prosecution.

We are an all Mac firm and have used Filemaker Pro for many years to maintain other small databases so it was natural for us to search out a Filemaker Pro docket system. None existed that we could find. But we did find JobPro Central. We contacted them and they said that they could remodel their existing software to meet our needs. We were assigned an absolutely brilliant developer dedicated to this task. Unlike other “docket systems” available, our new software is, according to our attorneys (who come from various law firms), the best in the business and state of the art. JPC has provided us with not only a calendar and docket system, but a client management system as well.

So while JPC for some may be a job tracking system for businesses that sell goods, they were able to modify their existing software to a completely new set of standards, needs and goals, all within about a 3 month time frame. Absolutely brilliant!

Lynn Freeman-Rees, Johnson & Associates, Georgia, USA
After 18 years of searching for dockets, tracking hours on scrap pieces of paper, and trying to create my own project management solution, we found something that works – JobPro Central! I couldn’t find a more intuitive, usable program that fits our companies needs in daily tracking of projects and big picture forecasts. Well done to Softouch Technologies.
Leslie Akse, Insite Design, Ontario, Canada.
As a Mac based enterprise, we needed a tool that would allow us to continue to work within the Mac environment; JobPro quickly rose to the top of the list. JobPro is an ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses looking to grow with or into an ERP system. JobPro has made it intuitive to move throughout their system and even easier to learn. JobPro is one of the best values in the ERP market, offering a strong software solution with a wonderful and clean interface, available customization options, and intelligent customer support staff. Setting up JobPro is simple and quick, which was critical for us as an existing business with massive amounts of historical data to import and the need to continue to service client orders on a daily basis throughout the transition. JobPro is helping us expand our international operations with strong currency solutions and communications tools. Anyone using FileMaker in other areas of their business will love the interface and integration that JobPro offers.
Marcus Bennett, Operations Manager, Starz, Inc., Foothill Ranch, California, USA
JobPro has made a big impact in both our Estimating and Project Management Department. Quotes are now done in minutes and notes, schedules and attachments can all be found in one place. It’s what we have been looking for and now we have it. Thanks JobPro!!!
Carlos Salinas, P.S. Services, Inc. California, USA
We are an integrator business in a very specialized field of security (Technology : CCTV, Access control, Alarm). We found JobPro to be very easy to work with, it has become our centralized point for all of our daily activity. With only a few click of the mouse we are able to view our daily operation, contact, expenses, service call. Everything is easy to understand and we are since more pro-active. It helped us to improve our customer service. All our thanks go to the JobPro Central Team. Keep up the good work.
Guy Labrie, Director Technology, Sectek Inc., Montréal, Canada
Just wanted to say, ‘Great product!’ I bought my license the same day, after trying it for 30 minutes. As an international user of the JobPro Central software, I was originally concerned about the level of support I would receive. However, the guys at Softouch Technologies are the best! They promptly reply to all my emails with very complete, understandable, step-by-step directions. It was the best investment we ever made! Many thanks for such an outstanding product and service. I would not hesitate to recommend JobPro Central to anyone.
Mario Zamfir, MBA. Principal, Creative Director - Urban Design Associates LLC. Canada
I’ve been reviewing some of the tutorials online and I wanted to compliment you. It seems to be one of the most well thought out applications that I’ve seen. Good job!
Brian Herbert, FASTSIGNS, USA
Not to sound cliché, but JobPro has basically transformed my business. As a creative professional – a music producer and voice actor – dealing with administrative necessities is outside my realm of expertise. JobPro not only presents me with a thoroughly digestible overview of my business, it both instructs and inspires me.

Getting organized is now a great way to ramp up to a job. JobPro gives me a fantastic way to preview my workflow and set schedules. The file attachment option takes it to a whole new level. As I am constantly referring back to versions and revisions, I can basically have everything all in one place the instant an e-mail or a phone call comes in. Also, and this may sound elementary to anyone who is not an artist, but it is of great comfort to look at my reports at the end (the vary late end) of my day and get an overview of my schedule, how it relates to the tasks at hand and of course my receivables.

Before I got JobPro I thought it would be too deep for me. The fact is, it does much more than I will ever need, unless I start stocking inventory for example. But JobPro is customizable and I find that as an artist, having JobPro kinda like having a business partner.

By the way, the design and layouts rock. I keep the home page, which I have set to clients and companies, open on my second computer screen all day – I can take quick glances at any aspect of my business anytime – a nice break from the often insular mindset of creativity. JobPro is the best tool I have added to my creative arsenal in a long time.

John Wolfson, W Records LLC, Venice, California, USA
Four years ago, our company was well overdue for the shift from the canned accounting software that we were running. Where Quickbooks and AccountEdge had been adequate stepping stones in our early years, we weren’t able to tweak and customize in many ways that we needed. From a shortage of desired reports, to search capabilities, to customer history, and much more, as our staff grew we needed to scale our system to accommodate more sophisticated needs.

After an exhaustive search, we found ourselves looking at JobPro Central. We made the plunge and have never regretted it. JobPro – utilizing the FileMaker platform – has provided the speed, versatility, searchability, and “tweakability” to nearly anything we wanted to change. The folks at Softouch continually prove out their professionalism with extremely fast response to our requests for customization. More than once we have requested a complex change that, after discussing it with Softouch, they had ideas to achieve the same objective with a less expensive alternative. With our limited programming knowledge, they have always been good at speaking at our level. At Appleton Stainless, Inc, we have long held to the principal of “work smart, not hard,” and JobPro Central allows us to do just that. What worked three years ago might not be working any longer. Leveraging the ability to adapt our software allows our people to service the customer’s needs quickly; handling more business accurately and in less time.

Gary Fahey, President, Appleton Stainless, Inc, Appleton, WI USA
We purchased JobPro to streamline our business processes. JobPro manages work flow from developing new business, to staffing, managing, and executing projects, all the way through to invoice requisition and reporting. Additionally, we have customized each facet of the program to meet our company needs. To make things even more complicated, our office is split between the Mac and PC world. JobPro is fully functional on either. The JobPro team is knowledgeable and prompt in making any requested updates/revisions. They are simply a joy to work with! This program pays for itself everyday by time saved and profits generated. This was one of the best business decisions we ever made!
Dawn Spalding, Marketing Director, Prizm, WI USA
JobPro Central redefined and simplified the way we manage our productions and client accounts, and continues to smooth our periods of substantial business growth. The menial tasks we once performed manually are now performed and tracked automatically by JobPro, leaving us more time to focus on our client and the quality of our product. And the staff have been exceptional in their support offerings.
Jo H-S, Production Coordinator, Go 2 Productions, Vancouver
So… Having trouble finding a quotation, job tracking, database management software for the Graphic Industry on a MAC OSX platform? Look no further, Job Pro is the answer for you… Just get it!
Eugene Artista, Artista Design and Print Inc., Ontario, Canada.
This is one of the best, if not the best, automating applications for everything from enquiry to billing, integrating all the important aspects of job and project processes including, planning and scheduling.
Christian Benjamin, Support911, San Fernando, California
DevTek, Inc. uses JobPro for a variety of managerial purposes, including inventory control, sales tracking and prospect management. We have been very impressed with the depth of this product and detail of information that can be queried, manipulated and managed. We look forward to putting it through its paces as our business grows.
Joe Holmes, DevTek, Inc., Alabama, USA
We are a small business in a very specialized field of the heating and cooling industry. JobPro Central has become a very large part of our powerful customized Business System. Our FileMaker system is the backbone for all we do on a daily basis. We worked closely with JobPro’s staff to merge our existing FileMaker driven accounting and inventory systems to their complete and powerful front end system.

We now have a consolidated, easy-to-understand, and useful business system for our company to build and grow upon. We found JobPro to be truly easy to use. With a click of my mouse I can see how we are performing as a whole – then keep clicking for more details as I need them. Not only does this help with day to day decision-making but these precise details provide peace of mind that I am making the right decisions for our company. It has already shown results in our company’s improved customer service, inventory control and financial knowledge.

Dale Pickard, Radiant Engineering, Inc. Bozeman, Montana, USA
JobPro is close to perfect for what I need to organize finances, contacts, inventory etc.. and with some minor modifications it will be perfect. The similar competitive products are way to complicated and over whelming for my operation. With JobPro I can handle my proprietary information on my own without utilizing administrative assistance. Also I can see JobPro growing with me and my organization to any conceivable level. Finding JobPro was heaven sent and long over due, thank you.
We now have a consolidated, easy-to-understand, and useful business system for our company to build and grow upon. We found JobPro to be truly easy to use. With a click of my mouse I can see how we are performing as a whole – then keep clicking for more details as I need them. Not only does this help with day to day decision-making but these precise details provide peace of mind that I am making the right decisions for our company. It has already shown results in our company’s improved customer service, inventory control and financial knowledge.
Albert Lewis, Pacific Recovery, San Diego, CA
We are very pleased and delighted with the JobPro Central program. It makes our work more easier and effective. Using JobPro you save time and money. Buying JobPro is the first step for successful business development.We now have a consolidated, easy-to-understand, and useful business system for our company to build and grow upon. We found JobPro to be truly easy to use. With a click of my mouse I can see how we are performing as a whole – then keep clicking for more details as I need them. Not only does this help with day to day decision-making but these precise details provide peace of mind that I am making the right decisions for our company. It has already shown results in our company’s improved customer service, inventory control and financial knowledge.
Tiko Adamia, Office Manager, Etiketi Ltd, Georgia
The recent purchase of our JobPro software has been a great addition to our management team. With FileMaker being so complicated for us to set up, the JobPro software made things fall right into place. I was very excited to have a solution toward the FileMaker software as we purchased and didn’t use until the JobPro team helped us with each step toward the JobPro software. This was exceptional as we bought one user at first and then added to after we were satisfied the software worked. An excellent tool to track and keep up with “DATA”. Thanks again for the wonderful instructions and software. Like having a dead battery and a brand new one sitting close with out a connection. The JobPro software provided us the “cable/link” to connect and take off running.
Barry Frazier, Frazier Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc., USA
We have a small photography studio and purchasing JobPro Central has helped us jump ahead in our daily management of clients and contacts. The fast growth of our business made us quickly outgrow our calendar/contact program. It would have taken us a lifetime to make FileMaker Pro as good as JobPro Central. JobPro Central offers a great interface for all tracking and project management. It is easy to install, works seamlessly on a Mac and we were up and running in a day. Organization is key and this software is easy to learn, intuitive, and has greatly improved our overall business communication skills.
Kirsty Gilbert, Gilbertbrowning Studios, Philadelphia, USA
JobPro has completely changed how we work — now we can manage our valuable resources in a more meaningful and productive way. It allows our teams to save time by sharing information constantly, rather than once a week at tedious planning sessions. And most importantly, our profits have increased to nearly 20%. This is, hands down, one of the most important business investments we have ever made.
Ricka Kohnstamm, Kohnstamm Communications. St. Paul, USA
As a fledgling company in 2004, we required a software system with a reasonable start up cost that could also keep up with the demands of exponential growth. Job Pro has been an easy program to learn, and has proven extremely beneficial in maintaining an up-to-date account of permitting and production deadlines, inventory, purchasing and billing information. It has several viewing options that allow for quick navigation when searching for information, making changes or adding new information. We look forward to maximizing the potential of this intelligent system as we continue to streamline our business operations. I strongly recommend it!
Mitz Simonelli, Director, Modus Structures Inc. Crossfield, Canada
JobPro has enabled us to improve our cash flow by invoicing our customers quickly and accurately. Providing a complete description on the invoice of the work performed prompts our customers to pay us faster. We have also been able to fine-tune our pricing model by feeding accurate job cost information back to our estimators and sales teams.

We’ve been using JobPro for a few years and can vouch for it. It’s perfect for a contractor/reseller with a sales staff and wants to track inventory and job costing such as time, materials, rented equipment and subcontractors. JobPro is a very comprehensive/complete “shell” that can be customized by a FileMaker developer to fit your client’s requirements. It can be easily tailored to the way your client conducts business. The JobPro people are very responsive and helpful. They have extensive experience with all kinds of contractors and supply businesses all over the world. We’ve set our system up so they can Timbuktu in and make changes as needed. Many times we’ll ask them for a way to handle an issue and they’ve already solved it for someone else and have given us great advice on how to structure our operations.

Jim Johnston – Founder I must say Shaun has been extremely efficient and the progress has been worth every penny having him here, this is not to say that our progress working remotely hasn’t been efficient because it has. You’re team’s ability to understand our needs and translate them to a more efficient business management tool has been exceptional.

Jim C Johnston, JTS, Inc. Dallas, Texas, USA
JobPro Central has given our company the functionality and flexibility we were lacking. We have been able to eliminate tasks, reduce paperwork and increase our overall efficiency. JobPro has saved us countless hours and has helped us to greatly improve our business processes.
Jenny Hooks, Prezenta Presentation Products, Wilmington, USA
JobPro has allowed our small construction firm to quickly estimate construction projects. Having all of the information in one place, and in one system has tremendously streamlined our operation. Thanks to JobPro, we can now estimate, and generate a quote to send to the customer in just minutes. Also, JobPro has features that help us manage the job and costs associated with the job, keeping us under budget. The job specific scheduling and calendaring is excellent.
Paul Barker, President, Destructors, Inc. Dallas
JobPro has allowed us to grow a product-based organization from an R&D planning company all the way to a marketing and sales focus. We have been easily able to add users and with the flexibility of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server, we are able to remotely access our data while on sales trips, off-site production visits and other critical meetings.

We very much enjoy the fact that JobPro can be tailored to our specific needs and we are able to import and export stock and product information across platforms. If you are a small business or a startup and do not want to spend $10’s of thousands of dollars on some unwieldy SAP or Oracle system, this is the way to go for you. We searched for months before settling on JobPro and we are glad we made this choice. Adding new ‘seats’ is a breeze and the product is tailored for scalability and price-conscious startups. I recommend it!

Paul F. Groepler, President & CEO, This Ol'factory, Austin Texas
In searching for a replacement for a 10 year-old business system, we found JobPro Central to be the ideal fit for our needs. Its robust feature set, extensibility, and customizability — along with its low cost of ownership — has made it possible for us to keep pace with the growing data requirements of our rapidly expanding publishing business.
Kevin Poole, IT Manager, becker&mayer! Books, Bellevue, WA USA
We run a digital media/specialty photo services company. Each project is unique and requires custom attention. After evaluating several packages, we decided on JobPro. It is a very well thought out application with excellent attention to detail. It has made managing our projects and client relations much easier. The platform will also scale nicely as we continue to grow. We would recommend it highly.
Bob Giovannini, M&D Media LLC, Arlington, USA
When I began looking for software to manage our international trading business, I preferred that it be a FileMaker Pro application; I’ve used Filemaker for many years and quite frankly, it can’t be beat for reliability and comprehensiveness as a development tool. I didn’t want to do any software development, however, and fortunately, that wasn’t necessary: JobPro handles everything for us, and I’ve saved many thousands of dollars in development costs by purchasing this outstanding, ready-made software.

The software interface is so nicely designed that it’s actually a pleasure to use. All the information that we need to access repeatedly throughout the day is right there at the click of a button–greatly simplifying the business activities of our busy office. No more headaches! All I need to do is keep JobPro open on my desktop–which is easy to do, since the application window is both small and elegant.

The company has worked with us to customize the software here and there to meet our exact requirements, and their work is highly professional and reliable. They are always available when you call or shortly thereafter, and are always extremely helpful. Having been evaluating and supporting computer software at different times in my career, this is something I really appreciate: no phone tag or unnecessary downtime as one waits for the callback that never comes!

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this superb software to anyone; you owe it to yourself to download an evaluation copy and see what I mean.

David Rutledge, Four Winds International Trading, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
We are very pleased with our results using JobPro Central. Not only is the interface simple and easy to understand, but it has helped us refocus our attention to everyday business issues that have fallen through the cracks or been neglected. We are now more easily able to get instantaneous project information, monitor client contacts, manage quotations and maintain employee information all in one easy to use application. Your technical support and assistance in getting us up and running made the transition extremely smooth. Our staff have embraced workflow changes brought about through implementation of this product because they can see its usefulness in their day to day productivity
Glenn Neuschwender, President, Enviroscience Consultants, Inc. - NY
Our company desperately needed to get organized. We were keeping purchase orders and detailed invoices in Excel; to-do lists in a homemade flat-file FileMaker database; financial details in Quickbooks; recording session logs and notes in Word; emails all over the place; letters and quotations in Excel and partly in FileMaker. Timesheets were written by hand, summed by the office manager and turned into invoices in either Excel or Quickbooks…. Boy were we scattered.

I had purchased and tried Microsoft Project and it was too complicated and besides, didn’t do half what we needed. So I did a web search for “FileMaker” and “Project Management”. After reading all the tantalizing tidbits on the website, I proceeded to download the JobPro 60 day demo, which is completely open and ready to use (minus layout or script mode, of course). The structure of the program is brilliant and intricate, navigation is easy and intuitive. I would have had to spend 10 man-years on my own with FileMaker to get close to its power, and not have benefitted from the feedback of all of Softouch’s other customers that have created this powerful interactive program. Within 5 days I was SOLD on it, and I purchased a 5-user contract from the company including some customization.

The staff were extraordinarily helpful; their can-do attitude sold me on the company. They were quick and efficient, and the modifications that they made to suit our way of working have proved bug-free and easy-to-use. Any employee can sit at any of the computers and enter his time log, notes on a job, send information via email, letter or fax to clients… I could go on and on.

I found all the modules we’ve used so far to perfectly fit our way of working. In fact, I believe that any design, service, or manufacturing organization will find JobPro meets or exceeds their needs.

We can also make changes ourselves as we bought that option. I’ve already tweaked the calendar module to show the week at a glance on a large screen. Softouch Technologies is also available to make any complex changes that we can’t, or won’t handle, at a reasonable fee.

I highly recommend this application to anyone who wants their office to run faster and find all the information you need at your fingertips, from any place in your office (couch potatoes beware of getting fat)! If you wish any further details from a satisfied user, don’t hesitate to write me. Contact me through our website, www.digido.com.

Bob Katz, President, Digital Domain, Inc. Florida
We have a small design studio and purchasing JobPro Central was one of our best business decisions. It’s easy to learn, very intuitive, and has helped us get organized. JobPro Central has all functions we need to track and manage our projects. We spent several months looking for an application that would help our design studio track projects and manage our time. JobPro Central was easy to install and we were up and running on the first day.
Alex Valderrama, Principal/Creative Director, Cranium Studio, Denver, USA
We’ve been using FileMaker to operate our business since 1990. We created a FileMaker database that helped us get through the early years. Our operations then only consisted of performance auto service and installation.

When we added our engineering and testing facilities to develop our own line of products, things got very difficult to keep track of. It was imperative to keep track of time and materials in the research and development phases of product design as well as sales and marketing.

Being a small and fragile company in the flux of rapid growth we needed a program that could accomplish the type of tasks that were only found in very expensive packages.

Speaking to a friend who is very familiar with FMP suggested we find a FileMaker package that is ready to go. We looked at many programs until I came across JobPro Central. At first I was not sure it was going to do the job. Dave of Jobpro assured me that it could be tweaked to suit all needs. I am very pleased with the results. We have been using JobPro Central now since early 2003 and the more we use it the more flexible it becomes. There is no canned program that is going to be the end all. But starting with JobPro Central has us doing what we do best, building the fastest BMW road cars on the world. Thanks Dave for a great job.

Looking forward to working with you through the coming years.

Osh Minelian, Race Marque Systems, California
We found our company suddenly facing significant growth due to a large industrial project in our area. We hired project managers and other staff to try to cope with the additional planning requirements we were experiencing. The experience was not very satisfying. One of our project managers tried to set up an Access database to do the job, but after much effort, the project was dumped as no end was in sight.

While looking for a software solution, we came across JobPro and decided to evaluate it.

After some time, we managed to adopt the program into our general routine. We found the most difficult thing was to change the “culture” in our company and employee behavior. Growing from a small company is a difficult proposition. JobPro has made that transition easier, and in fact the most resistant employees are now the greatest fans of this program.

The program is well designed and intuitive to use. (Something real important to us Mac users) It works equally well on Macs and PCs. Product support is nothing short of spectacular and the company does a great job of returning custom requirements in a timely manner.

This program is now a central tool in every project we undertake. I would have no hesitation to recommend it to any company who determines that project management is required in their company.

Tom Zubko, President, New North Networks, Ltd. Inuvik, Canada
Our company was looking for more than ‘off the shelf’ database software. We wanted something that could easily adapt to our business and grow with it. JobPro delivers on both counts along with its cross platform ability and ease of use. The majority of software written for our industry is PC based so with JobPro we get the best of both worlds plus the great support from the Softouch team.
Thomas Elander, President, Elander Mechanical Inc., Minnesota, USA
JobPro is exactly the business system I was looking for. My instance of JobPro is hosted in the cloud and it works great. My general contracting business takes me all over the eastern US, however I am able to manage it wherever I am. With JobPro2Go, my field personnel are able to have access to critical job information with their iPad or iPhone and update all costs at the point of transaction. This means I have “real-time” and ready access to current financial data on all of my projects where ever I am. Using JobPro has helped me grow my business by over 40% year over year. Essentially I spend less time on the financial management and more time on business development. Well done guys!
Jared Farmer, Farmer Development Inc., Stockbridge, MI USA

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