Phone and VOIP Integration

You can make calls from JobPro using either Skype or another VOIP based system. The VOIP based system that is supported by JobPro is Asterisk.

For details on setting up an account see the asterisk website.

Making a call from JobPro, either using Skype or Asterisk, is as easy as clicking a phone number and the call starts dialling out.

Setting up VOIP

Dial using: The system can be used to make calls. In this field you specify what system you wish to use to make calls. Note: To dial a phone number you click the phone label for the number.

Create log of call: Turning on this option will automatically create a log of all calls made from the system. The logs will be displayed in the ‘Activities’ section in the relevant screen you made the call from.

Display new log: Turning on this option will automatically display the new log created if one is created automatically allowing the user to immediately make notes on the phone call.

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One of the phone systems supported by this system is Asterisk. For details on setting up an account see the asterisk website.

For outside line dial: If your phone system requires a number to be entered to get an outside line then enter it here so the system will prefix it to the number to be dialed.

Server: IP address: This is the IP address of the computer where the Asterisk software is installed/running.

Port number This is the port number that is used to communicate with the Asterisk software.

Command URI: This is the Unique Reference Identifier that is used to point to a file on the server that is used to make calls.

Inc. name in caller ID: Turning this option on will display the name of the company/contact being called in the phone display if the phone supports this feature.