September 25, 2013

Running JobPro on Mac

The FileMaker Pro platform offers cross platform functionality right out of the box. Install FileMaker Pro on Mac or PC and have the exact same experience when running your JobPro application.

FileMaker is a subsidiary company of Apple, Inc.

More about FileMaker

The FileMaker platform is a fast and flexible application that greatly enhances the speed with which your application can be developed and adapted to suit your exact workflow needs.With FileMaker Pro, developers can build solutions that include integrated workflow, business logic, searching and sorting, data validation, image, video and file storage, and integrated relational database capabilities.

Typically our customers will start with our JobPro Central product and if customisation is necessary we can implement further changes to your instance of JobPro. Alternatively we can can start or integrate with data from an existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a variety of SQL and other sources to develop your business solution.

FileMaker Pro eliminates the time and expense of assembling libraries to provide key solution functionality because it comes with built-in features for common tasks and also takes advantage of unique capabilities of iPad and iPhone.

The FileMaker platform allows functional prototypes of workflow to be completed in hours or days versus weeks or months using other development methods. It is easy to integrate with existing databases and data warehouses, offers fast development time, and low solution costs.

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