Purchase Order Management

JobPro Central manages the entire Purchase Order Processing procedure from creating a purchase order to receiving goods and logging supplier invoices against your purchase order. This ensures that the correct goods are always received and paid for. This module also includes back order reporting.


  • Issue requests for quotations directly from quote lines to multiple vendors.
  • Details for a purchase order can be entered on a line by line basis or on a textual basis.
  • Items can be tracked via the relevant courier from within the purchase order.
  • Items can be part received leaving a balance remaining to be received.
  • Back orders report displays any items outstanding.
  • When users are selecting products/services they automatically are shown items for the relevant vendor/supplier but can filter the list themselves.
  • Purchase orders can be printed or emailed (as a PDF) in any currency and in multiple languages.
  • Create purchase invoice against PO’s.
  • Log payments made against PO’s.
  • here are various reporting options on the options screen in each area.