Outlook Integration

It is possible via a Plug-In and customization to integrate JobPro with Microsoft Outlook for windows. This will give you the ability to synchronize tasks and contacts with Microsoft Outlook on Windows.

It’s an ideal option especially if you have Microsoft Exchange setup.

This option involves customization and a separate plug-in.

Microsoft Outlook Logo

Synchronization behaviours

In JobPro:

If you create a new contact record a new contact record in Outlook is automatically created.

If you delete a contact the associated contact will be automatically removed from Outlook.

If you update a contact / company record the corresponding record in Outlook updates.

In Outlook:

If you create a new contact record JobPro will create the corresponding new Company and/or Contact record automatically.

If you update a contact / company record JobPro updates the corresponding record in JobPro automatically.

If you delete a contact / company record in outlook the associated Contact or Company cannot be deleted from JobPro via Outlook. If a record is removed from Outlook, it will be detected by the synchronisation script and will be reinstated.

Tasks can be removed from JobPro via Outlook only if the setting has been checked to do so.
Please Contact Us if you would like further information on integration with Microsoft Outlook & Exchange Server.