Manufacturing and Assembly

JobPro Centrals manufacturing and assembly (bill of materials or BOM’s) functionality gives you tools to manage and understand the costs to manufacture and assemble your products.


  • Convert a quotation directly to a job and generate assembly details.
  • Specify raw materials, components, parts and labour that make up a finished product.
  • Add a labor elements but exclude it from displaying on the assembly sheet.
  • After putting your finished product together you can set the mark up you require and add your product, if necessary, to a quotation.
  • Print assembly sheet / traveller from the job to display raw materials/components required to make up the finished product.
  • Setting assembly to ‘Complete’ adds the finished product to stock and the raw materials/components that make up that finished product get deducted from stock.
  • Job assemblies can be created to put items into stock or sell.
  • The category set on the finished product record gets carried over into the Job for purposes of budgeting. There is no limit on the amount of categories you can create and assign to products.
  • Costs booked against the job can be set with a category for comparison of budgets vs actuals.
  • Drill down into budget categories to see any costs from all sources (time logs, expenses, purchase orders and resources) that make up the ‘Actual’ costs against the budget.