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Leads / enquiries

The Enquiries module keeps track of all your job, sales and business prospects.
Users can create an enquiry independently of the companies or contacts module so that should the prospect not go ahead you do not have unnecessary entires in the main company / contact modules. This module can be further customisation to suit your exact workflows.

Some key features:

  • Assign tasks and create quotations specific to an enquiry or prospect.
  • Users can automatically turn a prospect into a customer at the click of a button and all their details get carried over to the Companies/Contacts module including any related tasks, quotations or estimates.
  • Tasks created for an enquiry are linked to the Tasks module and can be viewed in the calendar as well. (Additional cost option to integrate calendar with Apple or Google Calendar).
  • Re-market prospects using SMS or our mail shot wizard.
  • Set the status and rate your enquiries to enable you to focus on the ones that warrant the most attention to ensure they have every chance of becoming a sale.
  • Tag your enquiry with what marketing activities generated the lead.
  • Tag your enquiry with a status, rating and deal value to enable you focus on relevant enquiries.
  • Quote your prospect without needing to add to your list of customers.
  • One-click creation of new customer and / or job with budgets from enquiry.
  • Log activities such as phone calls, emails, letters, faxes, and SMS messages against enquiries.
  • Integration option with Skype and Asterisk VOIP phone systems for making phone calls and sending SMS messages directly from the enquiries module.

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