FileMaker JobPro Pricing

JobPro Central is a FileMaker based app and the example pricing below includes FileMaker licensing. This initial cost is a once off cost and after year one there is a low annual cost that includes upgrades for the FileMaker licensing. Please Contact Us for more information or for a quote based on your exact requirements.

No. Of Users Euro Dollars* British Pounds*
1 984 1,030 863
2 1,673 1,750 1,467
3 2,342 2,450 2,053
4 2,991 3,128 2,622
5 3,620 3,785 3,172
6 3,886 4,061 3,404
7 4,152 4,338 3,635
8 4,418 4,614 3,867
9 4,684 4,890 4,098
10 4,950 5,166 4,330
11 5,210 5,436 4,556
12 5,470 5,706 4,782
13 5,730 5,976 5,008
14 5,990 6,245 5,234
15 6,250 6,515 5,460
16 6,500 6,775 5,678
17 6,750 7,034 5,895
18 7,000 7,293 6,112
19 7,250 7,553 6,330
20 7,500 7,812 6,547
20 + Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
*Non Euro pricing above may fluctuate with exchange rates. Subsequent annual cost of EUR 89/user after year 1 includes FileMaker upgrades.

Customization, Support and Training

All ongoing customization/support/training is done through purchasing blocks of hours, usually with a minimum quantity of 8 hours. Time gets deducted from your account as required and can then be renewed when used up. This keeps administration time down for both sides. Time on your account never expires. The hourly rate is €135. If required, remote access can be set up to allow an even faster level of service.


JobPro2Go gives offline remote users the ability to log time, costs/expenses/parts, notes and documents (inc signatures) against jobs on an iPhone or iPad. JobPro2Go uses the FileMaker Go app for iOS (iPhone and iPad). Pricing for JobPro2Go starts at €250 and will depend on the total number of users required including the main JobPro users. For more details on how JobPro2Go works see our dedicated page here.

Open Source

Open Source Access Options

This option is ideal where you would like to make your own ongoing customization to the system and it can also save you costs in the long run. It gives you total control over customization. You can also get support from us as well. Open Source Access is not related to how many user licenses you have for JobPro or does not give you XX number of user licenses. It is a separate additional cost. It represents very good value considering there are thousands of hours incurred in the development of JobPro.

JobPro Open Source Access: €2,850

JobPro2Go Open Source Access: €850

Other Pricing – Integrations

Apple Calendar / Contacts Integration

Apple Calendar integration
Up to 3 users – €560
4 – 10 users – €960

Apple AddressBook integration – €560 + additional plug-in cost based on licenses required.

Google Calendar Integration

Google calendar integration – €560 + additional plug-in cost based on licenses required.

Accounts Package Integration

Integrate JobPro with your own accounts package. Options include:

Quickbooks for Mac – Contact Us.
Quickbooks for Windows – €960 + additional plug-in cost based on licenses required.
MYOB for Mac – Contact Us.
MYOB for Windows – €960
Xero Accounting – €960
Sage Online Accounting – €960
SAGE 50 – Contact Us.
Simply Accounting – Contact Us.
Moneyworks – Contact Us.

If you are using another accounting package please let us know and we will be happy to provide a quotation for integration with JobPro. .

E-Commerce Integrations

Integrate JobPro with your favourite e-commerce systems like xCart, BigCommerce and XenCart. Other integration options include Magento, MagentoGO, WordPress and Joomla. As these integrations are subject to a high number of variables that change from deployment to deployment we can only offer pricing once we have had a chat with you. Please Contact Us for more info.