eCommerce Integration

If you would like or already have an online shopping cart presence. Your version of JobPro can be integrated with an eCommerce solutions such as Magento, BigCommerce, xCart, Drupal eCommerce, Zen Cart and VirtueMart.

eCommerce integrations do not come as part of the standard JobPro package. It is an add-on feature to JobPro.


  • Ability to configure your products in JobPro and publish them to your online store.
  • Ability to configure product options and variants in JobPro and publish them to your online store.
  • Set title tags, meta keywords and descriptions within JobPro to make your product available on search engines.
  • Completed customer orders are pushed to JobPro from your web store.
  • Handle pick, packing and shipping through JobPro. You can even enhance our shipping module with NRG Shipping Integration to automate shipping even further.
  • Use JobPro as central system to handle all stock and push availability to the web.
  • Workflow can be customised to your needs.


This is a sample list of popular eCommerce systems.

xCart integration. Migration of existing e-commerce system to xCart and integration with JobPro.

BigCommerce integration.

XenCart integration.

Other integration options are:
Magento, MagentoGO, WordPress and Joomla.

As these integrations are subject to a high number of variables that change from deployment to deployment so we can only offer pricing once we have had a chat with you. Please Contact Us.