About FileMaker

JobPro is a FileMaker Pro based database. FileMaker Pro v12, v13 or v14 is the database engine that is required on each computer to run JobPro in multi user mode. If you require more than 2 JobPro users on the network then the FileMaker Server application ideally should be installed on a server to host the JobPro system. It is optional but it is recommended. FileMaker Server increases network speed and improves data protection, as well as a number of other advantages like scheduling backups during the day.

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About FileMaker, Inc.

FileMaker Pro is used by millions of individuals and workgroups around the world to be more productive and efficient. Business, education and government customers rely on FileMaker to manage people, projects, images, assets and other information. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server are trademarks of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. FileMaker Pro 14 is the latest version of FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Server 14 is the latest version of FileMaker Server. JobPro is currently also compatible with FileMaker Pro v12 or 13 and FileMaker Server v12 or v13.

Platinum Member FileMaker Business Alliance

Softouch Technologies are a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA). This means that we have qualified for FileMaker’s program based on our expertise in developing and deploying FileMaker solutions. FileMaker develops database software for business, education and media. FileMaker Pro is the number one-selling easy-to-use database software for Windows and Mac. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. With a Worldwide customer base, Softouch specialize in both custom FileMaker Pro database development and developing off-the-shelf FileMaker Pro based software.

System requirements regarding FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server can be viewed by clicking here.

Remember, as a set of FileMaker templates / FileMaker Pro templates, JobPro is ready for rapid customization if required, under either FileMaker Pro 7, FileMaker Pro 8, FileMaker Pro 8.5., FileMaker Pro 9.0, FileMaker Pro 10, FileMaker Pro 11, FileMaker Pro 12, FileMaker Pro 13 or FileMaker Pro 14.