Xero Integration

JobPro’s integration with Xero Accounting is a simple and effective way to synchronize your customer and supplier accounts, customer and supplier invoices, customer receipts and supplier payments between the two systems.

Why integrate Xero with JobPro

  • Completely removes the need to enter information twice.
  • Enables your accounting department to work with up to date information.
  • Improves timeliness of reporting.
  • Helps ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Improves efficiency and throughout in your business.

How Xero works with JobPro

Customer and supplier accounts/details are synchronized from JobPro to Xero. This will occur when there is a supplier or customer invoice ready to be pushed across to Xero. JobPro will check with Xero whether the supplier or customer account exists in Xero. If it does not JobPro will provide an entry in the sync panel for the account to be created in Xero.

Supplier / Customer invoices are synchronized from JobPro to Xero.  Line items are created in Xero as text lines and have no relation to product codes held (if any) on the Xero side.

There is an option as to how you want customer receipts and supplier payments to be handled.  For example it is common for the accountant within a business to handle receipts / payments through Xero and for those to then sync across to JobPro.  The receipt or payment will be allocated to the same invoice as it is in Xero.  The alternative is to process receipts and payments through JobPro and have them sync to Xero.

Purchase and sales taxes are mirrored during setup between JobPro and Xero to ensure taxes arrive in the correct location for reporting / regulatory purposes.  It is important to note that you should check the version of Xero you are using in your region is sufficient to fulfil your regulatory and compliance needs.
All above is achieved by means of a sync panel where individual modules can be synchronized across to Xero.

Xero pricing

Xero does not come as part of the standard JobPro package. It is an add-on feature to JobPro.

The cost of Xero integration with JobPro is EUR 960.

Contact us for more information regarding pricing.

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