SMS Functionality

Throughout JobPro you can send group or individual SMS messages and also receive back replies. Logs of SMS messages sent are stored and displayed in the ‘Communnications’ section on the relevant screen. You can now also receive back SMS replies and they are linked to the original SMS message sent out.

The SMS / texting functionality built into JobPro is not just about having functionality to easily send and receive SMS messages but it can also secure significant savings on telephone bills.

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Setting up the SMS functionality explained:

Sending an SMS message, either using Skype or an SMS provider like Clickatell or BulkSMS, is as easy as clicking a phone number while holding down the Shift key and the SMS message is created.

SMS Using

The system can also be used to send SMS text messages for any phone number. Here you specify what SMS service provider to use. Note: Hold down the ‘Shift’ key when clicking a phone label to create an SMS message. Current options are Skype, Clickatell or BulkSMS. Contact us if you use a different provider and we can integrate with them for you.
One of the phone systems supported by this system is Asterix. For details on setting up an account see Clickatell ( or BulkSMS (

Clickatell Account
  • Username: This is the username for your Clickatell account.
  • Password: This is the password for your Clickatell account.
  • HTTP API ID: This is the HTTP API ID for your Clickatell account.
Allow reply to SMS:

This option allows you to control if a receipient of an outgoing SMS message can reply to that message. This applies to the BulkSMS provider only.

Routing group:

This applies to the BulkSMS provider only. It is related to the costs associated to your account.

Alert user on incoming SMS:

This applies to the BulkSMS provider only. If an SMS message arrives in and it was not a reply to an outgoing SMS message then some internal user should be allocated to get alerted so they can pass on the message to the relevant user.

Note: Your Clickatell or BulkSMS account details are supplied by the relevant provider. The API method used in this system is HTTP. A BulkSMS account gives you the ability to track incoming SMS messages as well as outgoing.

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