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Sales / Work orders

JobPro Centrals sales order module acts as a focal point for managing the fulfilment of a customer order. A sales order can be created with a click from a quotation in the Quotations module, created from within a job or simply created from within the sales order module directly. Further customisation to this module are available on request.


Some key features:

  • Email or print sales order from within JobPro, the outgoing email will be logged under the sales order.
  • See stock availability from sales order lines.
  • Generate purchase orders from sales order lines.
  • Include sign off section for customer acceptance.
  • Creation of shipping notes for full or partial shipping of an order.
  • Create multiple sales invoices from the sales order.
  • Attach documents to sales orders.
  • Create custom comments on the customer facing sales order document.
  • Track sales peoples commission from the sales order.
  • Print/email order in multiple languages.

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