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Sales Invoices

JobPro Central sales invoice module provides an easy way to create, print or email an invoice.


Some key features:

  • This module is linked to the Product/Services, Jobs/Projects and Companies / Contacts modules. Sales invoices can also be created from quotes, sales orders or created from costs incurred on jobs.
  • Sales invoices can generate shipping records with the click of a button.
  • Sales invoices and credit notes can be entered on a line by line basis or on a textual basis.
  • Provide an aged debt overview printed on the bottom of each invoice.send statements.
  • The sales invoicing module also includes the ability to produce pro forma invoices.
  • Track commission for every invoice based on the sale or profit amount or just on an entered value.
  • Sales invoices can be printed or emailed (as a PDF) in any currency and in multiple languages.
  • Accounts integration with most packages like Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, MoneyWorks and MYOB. Additional costs involved.
  • There are various reporting available on the Options screen including account balances and aged debt analysis.

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