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JobPro Central stock control software provides you with the tools and processes that you need to manage stock holding and control costs.


Some key features:

  • Products can have multiple suppliers and multiple locations.
  • Track stock quantities by identity (an identity can be set as a company, branch, department , office or Store within JobPro Central) and/or location.
  • See all purchase and sales orders relevant to the product from within the product record.
  • Assign products to customizable categories and sub categories.
  • Users can see quantities on hand, by location, to enable them fulfil sales orders or initiate a purchase order.
  • See a complete shipping history for the product.
  • See sales invoice history from within the product record.
  • See historic stock movements per product, filterable by movement type.
  • Set a product as an assembled item and assign sub assemblies via a bill of materials.
  • Create a purchase order based on reorder quantity, max stock and minimum order quantity specific to a supplier.
  • Multiple documents can be assigned to the product record and users can see version history from within the product record.
  • Create custom pricing structures at product and / or customer level with price breaks.
  • Track products by serial number.
  • Track products by batch number, with creation date, sell by date, and sell by date (retail) built in.
  • Set product bill out rates for rental, loan or use on a job.
  • Summary and breakdown position of product history by location.
  • Transfer stock internally between locations.
  • Product amendment section for easy adjustment of stock.
  • Open purchase orders by supplier at product level.
  • Unlimited documents can be attached to the product record (subject to disk space)
    Product items can be set to belong to a custom group.
  • Notes and messages for internal users, with alerts, can be set at a product level.
  • Mark up and margin visible, relevant to current suppliers cost, at product level.
  • Take a customers product into stock for servicing and warranty purposes assign to to a job queue.
  • Various stocktaking and other reports.

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