The JobPro Central calendar behaves similarly to the calendars in Microsoft Outlook, Entourage and Apple Calendar but allows greater separation of types of calendar entries and works by default in a multi-user environment.

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Key Features

  • JobPro Central calendar/diary interface is used to display six types of possible calendar entries in a month, week or day view, they are:
    1. Resources:
      • Contacts (Including employees)
      • Assets (Internal or customer)
      • Locations (Internal or external)
    2. Jobs
    3. Stages
    4. Time sheet entries
    5. Communications
  • Integrated navigation to calendar entries.
  • Filtering calendar entries by job number, employee (or ability to view entires for all employees at once) and status.
  • Ability to track internal assets / resources / employees to see what job/project they are currently on or are scheduled to be on in the future. This allows for resource / capacity planning.
  • View annual leave by employee.
  • View what jobs/projects are currently active and what stages and tasks are currently active or due.
  • View timelog entries in calendar to ensure all timelogs are present and covering requirements.
  • Create any of the six types of calendar entry from within the calendar itself.
  • Manipulation of calendar task entries using drag and drop on the day and week views.
  • Synchronisation of tasks and contacts between JobPro Central and your Apple Calendar. Additional costs involved and setup that we perform for you.

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